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Desktop Inspired by Momentum

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Some background: I love Rainmeter and having moved to OS X full-time (at home) a few months ago, I find I really miss it. In the meantime, I discovered Momentum, a “new tab” Chrome-extension that I quite like. Eventually these two things inspired this Geektool desktop.


How I made this:

  • Wallpaper (from Interfacelift)
  • Left - “Three Things” reads from a text file (shell geeklet: cat /path/to/filename.txt)
  • Left - “Now Playing” is Bowtie with the Karma theme (works fairly well with Spotify +
  • Center - Time (simple Date command: date +”%l:%M”)
  • Center - Greeting using a simple shell script found via Google
  • Center - Date (simple Date command: date “+%A, %B %e”)
  • Center - Today reads from a text file (or you could just as easily use “echo” twice in a shell geeklet)
  • Center - Parsed RSS feed ( from (inspirational tag)
  • Right - Weather geeklet by RikerJoe (thanks for this!)

(P.S. It’d be nice if someone out there would develop a new Wunderlist geeklet based on the Wunderlist API but I’m no developer. And since I’m a “just three things” kind of person, leaving text files open for editing is easy ;-)

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